1972 – Ride A White Swan – T.Rex

1972E - Ride A White Swan

Even with a new two pence coin balanced on the cartridge, and even though it may have been “electronically enhanced for stereo effect”, I could never manage to play “One Inch Rock” without it jumping all over the place! It was never a ‘proper’ T.Rex album, rather a compilation made by the Music For Pleasure company and mostly made up of songs that were recorded before they became really huge, but there were some real gems on there. “Strange Orchestras” always sounds like a line of dogs that have had their tails nailed down, yapping every time they get prodded – unusual but a great song. On “Elemental Child” I always thought Bolan was singing about a “ham of a sarny” (I’m pretty sure he wasn’t!) but it had a rawness that I loved then and still do now. Great tunes, weird lyrics and a live feel.

It was a bit like your mum buying you one of those action figures from the market instead of the real “Action Man” from Redgates toy shop, but at least it had “Ride A White Swan” on it and the cover felt a bit like an artists canvas.

I didn’t get to hear “One Inch Rock” properly all the way through until years later when CDs came out!

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